Be Safe. Be Prepared. Be Protected.

Infectious Insect Protection

Arm your employees with the proper defense such as BugX 30 with DEET! Zika virus, West Nile virus and Lyme disease are all spreading quickly and becoming a serious concern. Infectious insects such as mosquitoes and ticks have the potential to be carriers of these devastating diseases. One simple bite may transfer a disease-causing agent, such as a parasite, bacterium, or virus. The infected individual may experience general malaise with non-specific symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Not only does this result in the loss of work but if not treated properly, it can have a detrimental effect to the body. Other than the typical bullseye mark associated with Lyme disease, both Zika and West Nile viruses may go undetected. Those infected could potentially be carriers of the disease without even knowing it.  Many of these diseases cannot be prevented with a vaccine or medicine so it is imperative to take precautions when working outdoors for any length of time.

Your employees are your biggest asset and protecting them should be your #1 concern!

Be Safe. Be Prepared. Be Protected


Seasonal warm months pose special hazards for outdoor workers who should protect themselves against heat, sun exposure, and other hazards. Employers and employees should know the potential hazards in their workplaces and how to manage them.